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Advanced Election Night Server
When you launch the viewer a separate window will be created and the JAVA Applet will be downloaded. Once downloaded and running, simply select the races and/or propositions you would like to track. Races can be selected one at a time or in groups. For example; you can select the race for Governor, Attorney General, Propositions 1A, 9, and 11.

After selecting the races of interest press "Play". The race selection interface will then be replaced with a scrolling display of the races you have selected. The selected list will play continuously (scroll) and as new results are received, the display will be updated accordingly.

Once the polls close, the Advanced Election Night Interface will be updated approximately once every 5 minutes. The update takes place automatically in the background as new results are compiled from the Secretary of State systems. The "Results as of:" display indicates the last update time.

If at any time you would like to stop the scrolling display, press "Pause". Pause will stop the scrolling action and you can then use the "Jog" buttons above to either single step the display between races, or jump to the beginning or end of the play list. While paused, the display will still update as new results are received. Press "Play" to restart the scrolling action.

To modify your race selections, press "New List". When selected, the scrolling display is stopped and replaced by the race selection interface. Make your changes and press "Play" when you're ready to begin.

Technical Considerations
Once you request to download the Advanced Election Night Interface, based on your browser type you will either receive a compressed JAR file or the applet will be sent by traditional means. In it's uncompressed state, the applet is approximately 180K in size. Download time will vary depending upon your internet connection.

The good news... the applet is downloaded only once. During the evening the applet will pull the current election results in every five minutes and update the display. The update file is approximately 30K in size.

If you are on an Intranet with a firewall between you and our Web server, you will have trouble running this application if the firewall will not allow JAVA traffic.

Platform Support
Testing has primarily been conducted on NT and Windows95 systems. We recommend a minimum 100Mhz CPU with 16Mbytes of memory for Windows 95 and 24Mbytes memory for NT systems.

Browser Support
JAVA is constantly changing and implementations between browsers and browser versions varies. In order to accommodate the widest variety of browsers, we have developed the Advanced Election Night Interface using JDK version 1.02.

We strongly recommend Netscape 4.0 or Internet Explorer version 3.0 or greater to run this application. For best results set your display to 800x600 or greater and set color depth to something greater than 256 colors.

We are very interested to hear from you, please send comments or feedback to Mark Bateson at Digital Equipment Corp. and the Secretary of State Web Master team. Send Feedback