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Advanced Election Night Server
Tips and Tricks
Lost your dial-up connection while running the viewer?
If you have launched the player and are watching your selected races/propositions scroll on by and then get that famous "lost connection" message, simply close the player window only, and restore your connection. Once the connection is restored, re-launch the player. Because your original browser window was never closed, the Applet will be pulled from CACHE. When the player resumes, in some cases it simply starts scrolling the results from the races you had selected. If not, you may just have to resume by pressing play.

Running a JAVA application on your machine causes the browser to hang and consume 100% CPU.
We have seen this symptom on some machines running NT4.0. It doesn't matter what Website you go to, but any site that uses JAVA causes the browser to hang. The fix is to check your display settings on your system. If your display is set to "True Color", lower the color setting to something less, like 16k colors. This should take care of the problem.

I keep hitting "Refresh" on my browser but see no change in the player results.
No... there is no need to hit refresh for this player. Unlike the election page results the Advanced Election Night Server will automatically "PULL" in the new election results file automatically. The time display on your player indicates the time embedded in the election results file. The results figures displayed are current for that period of time. You will see the time change, for each new results file received.

There are times when my scroll speed slows down, then speeds up.
You will notice the display slow down when the player goes back to our server and pulls in a new election results file. Some people will notice this more than others depending on the size and type of their system and what type/speed connection they have to the internet.

My computer can only display 256 colors and the screens look funny
Depending on the browser being used and the type of computer your results will vary. The interface was designed using browser safe colors however from within a JAVA applet the results seem to vary.

Okay, I've been watching this thing for 20 minutes now and the time has not changed
Hmmm... well one of a couple things may have happened. You could have lost connection to our server or we for some reason have not received an updated election results file on our server. You can very quickly confirm connection to our server by simply navigating to some other Secretary of State pages from your Web browser window. If you can not get to those pages, check connectivity to some other sites on the Web.

If you have connectivity, check the election results from the Secretary of State Website and view the time stamp. If the time stamp is within five minutes or so of the time display in the player... but is in itself an old time, refresh that Web page and check it's time again. If the time has still not changed, we are for some unknown reason not generating a new election results file.

If you have connectivity, and the Secretary of State election results pages have the correct time and the player is out of date, close the player window, close your browser, restart your browser, flush your cache, reconnect and restart the player.

We are very interested to hear from you, please send comments or your Tips and Tricks to Mark Bateson at Digital Equipment Corp. and the Secretary of State Web Master team. Send Feedback