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1998 General Election Returns
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Once again, the California Secretary of State's office is pleased to be publishing live election night returns on the Internet. On election night - November 3, 1998 - we'll be updating our pages every five minutes once the polls have closed.

The initial Election Night Internet project was conducted with the help of Digital Equipment Corporation during the 1994 General Election. At that time we set a world record for the most traffic on a single web site in a 24-hour period. In 1996 we posted the returns for both the primary and the general elections.

This year, working again in cooperation with Digital, we're trying out a new experimental Java-based election returns viewer - a new way to keep up with the returns throughout the night. We expect to expand on this initial effort in the coming election cycles and invite you to glimpse the future with us.

Of course, we will still be reporting the returns on standard HTML web pages. We've updated the format, stripped down the graphics for faster access, and redesigned the navigation from page-to-page. We've also added county-level returns for those of you interested in that level of detail.

We hope you enjoy the site and have a great election night.

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In order to successfully view the election returns, certain options in your browser must be set properly. We've prepared a page explaining this which you simply Must Read.


Experience with our Secretary of State Home Page indicates that well over 95% of the visitors to our site use version 3.0 or newer of either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. This site has been designed with that in mind, although advanced features have been avoided to accommodate less capable browsers. For your convenience, we have provided links here to the Netscape and Microsoft sites where you can obtain the latest versions of their software.

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Try the Java Viewer

The California Secretary of State, in partnership with Digital Equipment Corporation, is pleased to introduce a new Java-based viewer for the election returns this year. This Java applet is easily customized to continuously display only those races in which you have an interest. Once it is running, you can sit back and watch the returns for the entire night without touching your computer again. To read more, or to use the Java viewer, click on the "Java" link at the top of each page.

También disponible en Español.

Please let us know what you think of this new innovation.

Election Returns

Final, Offical Results

   Final Statement of Vote

   Post-Election Updates

   Summary Report
   The entire election on one page - not pretty, but concise. To print: Use "landscape" and set browser fonts smaller.

 Supplement to the
Statement of Vote

Contains links to detailed vote counts by county, district and party.

Election Night
   Semi-official Canvass

Ballot Measures

   Propositions 1A - 11

Statewide Offices


   Lieutenant Governor

   Secretary of State



   Attorney General

   Insurance Commissioner

   Superintendent of
   Public Instruction

   U.S. Senate

District Representatives

   Legislative Scoreboard

   Board of Equalization

   U.S. Congress

   State Senate

   State Senate District 9
     special election

   State Assembly

Judicial Races

   Supreme Court

   Court of Appeals