1998 California General Election
Political Party Statements of Purpose
Democratic Party
Under the leadership of a Governor Gray Davis and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, we will dramatically improve our public schools.

Under Democratic leadership, California begins the next century with the:

To make California America's best state, Democrats say:

Make California Schools America's Best: Focus on results, accountability, and resources; Make a college education affordable;

Reform HMOs: Pass the Patients' Bill of Rights;

More cops on the beat, Assault weapons off the street;

Bring people together: Hate and discrimination don't create jobs or educate children;

Defend a woman's right to choose;

Protect Social Security and Medicare: Dignity for seniors;

Good jobs, good wages: Grow the economy;

Protect our coastline and our environment.

To join us in leading California into the 21st Century, call, write or e-mail:

California Democratic Party
911 20th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-3115
(916) 442-5707
FAX (916) 442-5715
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