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Class Size Reduction Kindergarten-University
Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1998.
Rebuttal to Argument against Proposition 1A
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Don't be fooled! Proposition 1A is not a tax increase

Contrary to what opponents would have you believe, nothing in Proposition 1A increases taxes --not for homeowners, business owners or any other taxpayer in California.

According to the California Taxpayers' Association, "Proposition 1A protects local property taxpayers from being forced to pay a greater share of local school construction costs."

Without Proposition 1A, local property owners will be at risk of seeing their local property taxes raised to pay for new school construction and repair.

Proposition 1A contains important new reforms that reduce the cost of school construction

Thanks to these reforms, Proposition 1A will save taxpayers enough money to build 145 new schools--just with the savings resulting from Proposition 1A. In addition, Proposition 1A will provide urgently needed funding to construct new schools throughout California, repair and modernize existing schools, expand community colleges and universities and increase access to computers and other powerful new teaching equipment.

Proposition 1A makes safe schools and quality education a top priority

Proposition 1A forces the legislature to make the safety of our children and the quality of our schools a top budget priority--using existing state revenues without raising a dime in new taxes .

Proposition 1A is not a "quick fix." It is a responsible and long-term solution for better schools and educational excellence that will produce huge rewards for our children and our state.

California Taxpayers' Association says don't be fooled,
and urges you to vote Yes on Proposition 1A.

President, California Professional Firefighters

Member of the California State Assembly

President, California Chamber of Commerce

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