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Class Size Reduction Kindergarten-University
Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 1998.
Argument in Favor of Proposition 1A
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Proposition 1A is an investment in our future

Proposition 1A is a wise and urgently needed investment in our schools, our students and California's future.

Proposition 1A will build new schools and repair old ones without raising taxes or hurting other public services

It's the law. This bond must be used to build new schools, reduce class size, repair and upgrade older classrooms, construct laboratories and other facilities, wire for technology, and help make our schools earthquake safe. The money cannot be used for any other purpose.

Proposition 1A will reduce classroom overcrowding

California classrooms are already the most overcrowded in the nation--with another 1.2 million students expected in the next 10 years. Without Proposition 1A there won't be enough classrooms to meet this demand. Children in over-crowded classrooms can't learn to read as well as children in smaller classes. Proposition 1A will reduce classroom overcrowding so teachers can spend more quality time teaching in smaller classes where children learn.

Proposition 1A will improve school safety and fund needed repairs

More than 60% of our schools are over 30 years old-and many don't meet today's safety and earthquake standards. Proposition 1A will allow us to provide earthquake-safe schools for our children, fix leaking roofs, repair broken equipment and make other needed repairs so our children can learn in safe, clean, well-equipped schools.

Proposition 1A will give students access to computers

California has one of the worst student/computer ratios in the nation. Older facilities must be upgraded with new wiring so we can bring more computers into the classroom. Passage of Proposition 1A will help our students prepare for the workplace of the 21st century and its high-skilled, high-wage jobs.

Proposition 1A is needed now!

Proposition 1A is urgently needed to avoid a school funding crisis. Every penny previously authorized for school construction, repairs and earthquake and technological improvements has already been spent or dedicated. Thanks to key reforms and controls contained in Proposition 1A the cost of school construction will be cut, and the funding contained in Proposition 1A will go farther and do more good.

Proposition 1A is a win-win for California

When you vote YES on Proposition 1A you are voting for:

. . . . without raising taxes!

Proposition 1A is a responsible plan for better education and a solid investment in our schools and California's future. Join parents, teachers, business leaders, safety officers and seniors throughout the state in supporting Proposition 1A.

We urge you to vote YES on Proposition 1A.

President, California Taxpayers' Association

President, California Teachers Association

Director, Congress of California Seniors

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