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Argument in Favor of Proposition 2
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Proposition 2 is your opportunity to protect California's highways and public transit systems. When the people voted earlier in this decade to provide additional fuel tax money for transportation, voters were told the funds would be earmarked in the State Constitution for the maintenance and construction of roads and public transit systems. Unfortunately, in recent years elected officials and bureaucrats have found ways to siphon more than a billion dollars of these funds into other government programs. PROPOSITION 2 WILL STOP THAT!

Your YES vote on Proposition 2 will mean:

Improved Highway Safety and Maintenance

Traffic Congestion Relief

California's transportation system is the backbone of our state's economy. We depend on highways to get us to our jobs, our homes, our schools and for our fire, police, and other emergency service vehicles. Traffic congestion and bad roads hurt our economy by wasting our time, delaying freight, damaging our vehicles, and increasing pollution. Public transit is particularly critical in providing commuter transportation for employees without cars, and to give our elderly and handicapped citizens equal access.

Proposition 2 will prevent the Governor and the Legislature from borrowing transportation funds for other purposes except in specified economic emergencies. And it requires a prompt payback when they do borrow. PROPOSITION 2 WILL RESTORE FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY TO CALIFORNIA'S TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUNDS.

That's why Proposition 2 is supported by these organizations:

California Taxpayers' Association
State Federation of Labor
California Alliance for Jobs
League of California Cities
California Chamber of Commerce
California Manufacturers Association
Transportation California
California State Association of Counties
California Transit Association
Amalgamated Transit Union--AFL-CIO
California Trucking Association
California Coalition for Environmental and Economic Balance

Proposition 2 will make sure your fuel tax dollars go where you voted for them to go. Good roads and public transit make a vital contribution to our quality of life. Keep California going in the right direction by voting YES on Proposition 2.

Assembly Transportation Committee Chair

California Chamber of Commerce President

AFL-CIO Operating Engineers Business Manager

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