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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 3
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In the argument favoring Proposition 3, its proponents state that unless Proposition 3 passes, California voters will not be allowed to participate in the Presidential nominating process. Yet later in the argument the proponents state that the political parties may refuse to seat delegates from open-primary states. In fact, both parties have mechanisms in their rules to allow for California delegates to be seated.

The truth is that there are 24 states with some version of the open primary. And California voters passed the open primary in 1996 by 60% of the vote.

The National political party bosses are not going to frustrate the voters of California by refusing to honor their vote. We Californians represent over 10% of the nation's Presidential votes. Our voice must and will be heard.

To pass Proposition 3 means that independent voters (those not registered in any party) cannot vote in the Presidential primary. Neither can voters registered in one party cross over and vote for a candidate from another party. Proposition 3 is yet another attempt by political power brokers to overturn the will of the voters.

Let democracy have its full voice. Vote No on Proposition 3.

Assemblymember, 44th District
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