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Trapping Practices. Bans Use of Specified
Traps and Animal Poisons. Initiative Statute.
Rebuttal to Argument against Proposition 4
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The barbaric trapping and killing of California's precious wildlife for the fur trade--for profit--is indefensible. And the fur-trapping industry that opposes Proposition 4 offers no credible defense.

Instead, they offer name calling, scare tactics and extreme statements to divert attention from the cruelties of trapping.

Let's focus on the truth!

FACT: Proposition 4 PROTECTS public health and safety. Health professionals, wildlife managers, farmers and water districts have a wide range of lethal and nonlethal methods to manage wildlife. Only three are being restricted--two dangerous poisons and the steel-jawed leghold trap which has been banned in more than 80 countries. Furthermore, leghold traps will be available if needed to protect public health and safety.

FACT: Other states have enacted similar laws with no adverse impacts.

FACT: Proposition 4 specifically ALLOWS rat and mouse traps.

FACT: Proposition 4 PROMOTES the use of humane traps.

So-called "padded traps" have been proven to cause serious injuries to animals. After suffering for hours, trapped animals are usually bludgeoned to death by the trapper. Proposition 4 promotes more humane trapping. In a 2/3/98 environmental document, the California Department of Fish and Game acknowledged that allowing only cage traps would eliminate the negative impacts of trapping with NO SIGNIFICANT ADVERSE IMPACTS.

The TRUTH: Proposition 4 is reasonable, moderate, and narrowly tailored. It will stop inhumane, indiscriminate trapping. It will protect wildlife and family pets.

Humane societies, environmentalists, wildlife biologists, and veterinarians agree:


Authorized signers:

President, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Senior Vice President for Wildlife Programs, The Humane Society of the United States

President, Los Angeles Audubon Society, 1996-1997

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