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Argument against Proposition 5
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Most people want to help native Americans, but enacting a flawed ballot initiative is the WRONG approach. The groups behind Proposition 5 want you to think it is about helping American Indians keep limited gambling on their reservations, but they don't need a ballot initiative for that! Prop. 5 would result in a dramatic expansion of UNREGULATED and UNTAXED casino gambling throughout California. Here's what this initiative is REALLY about:

Here's what the PLANNING AND CONSERVATION LEAGUE says in opposing this initiative:

"Indian casinos are exempt from ALL state environmental quality laws, including Coastal Commission regulations, air and water pollution laws, and toxic waste provisions. This initiative could result in great environmental damage to California."

This ballot initiative simply goes too far. That's why a broad coalition of groups OPPOSE Proposition 5, including ENVIRONMENTAL organizations, LABOR groups, BUSINESS leaders, LAW ENFORCEMENT organizations, SENIORS, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and SMALL BUSINESS owners. This diverse coalition probably couldn't agree on the time of day, but we all agree that Proposition 5 is a FLAWED ballot initiative.

Proposition 5 is ALL PAIN and NO GAIN for California. UNREGULATED, UNTAXED, UNLIMITED casino gambling with NO LOCAL CONTROL is UNFAIR for California.

Please, check it out for yourself and then join us in voting "No."

Small Business Owner

California Political Director, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union, AFL-CIO

Former President, California Police Officers' Association

Proposition 5 | Rebuttal to Argument in Favor | Proposition 5 | Rebuttal to Argument Against |