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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 5
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The proponents of Proposition 5 are playing to your emotions to pass their flawed initiative. Rather than discuss the SPECIFICS of their proposal, they are raising phony strawmen issues like Nevada casinos. Here are the facts:

Most Californians want to help Native Americans become self-sufficient. However, less than 15% of California Indians will receive benefits from this initiative. Proposition 5 is a GRAB FOR ADVANTAGE by a few wealthy Indian tribes at the expense of all Californians.

That's why an extremely broad-based coalition of groups--Business, Labor, Seniors, Educators, Law Enforcement, Environmental, Local Government-- oppose Proposition 5. UNREGULATED, UNTAXED, and UNLIMITED casinos are UNFAIR to California. Please Vote NO!

Former Attorney General of California

Pacific Region Director, National School Boards Association

President Emeritus, California Manufacturers Association

Proposition 5 | Argument in Favor | Proposition 5 | Argument Against |