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Air Quality Improvement.
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Rebuttal to Argument against Proposition 7
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The opponents are simply wrong.

"Proposition 7 protects your health and the health of your family."
Cruz Bustamante, Former Speaker, California Assembly
Doug Costle, EPA Administrator, Carter Administration
William Reilly, EPA Administrator, Bush Administration

"Proposition 7 creates incentives for the reduction of air pollution by the free choice of individuals. It is fiscally responsible and economically sound."
Kenneth Arrow, Nobel Prize Winning Economist

The California Department of Finance says Proposition 7 will reduce health care costs. Less money will be spent on asthma, lung cancer and heart disease caused by air pollution.

Responsible and prudent organizations endorse Proposition 7:

Californians Against Waste
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance
Latino Issues Forum
Bay Area and Sacramento Urban Leagues

"Air pollution is destroying forests in Southern California and the Sierra Nevada. YES on Proposition 7."
National Wildlife Federation

"Seniors' health is threatened by poor air quality. We sometimes have to stay indoors because of bad air, and so do our grandchildren! YES on Proposition 7."
Congress of California Seniors

"Proposition 7 reflects sound science and would improve air quality."
Dr. Henry Kendall, Nobel Prize Winning Physicist

Proposition 7 is fiscally responsible and affordable. We can't afford unhealthy air.

Chairman, California Joint Legislative Budget Committee

Executive Director, Union of Concerned Scientists

Former California Attorney General

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