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Air Quality Improvement.
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Argument in Favor of Proposition 7
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VOTE YES on Proposition 7, the AIR
Protect your health and the health of your family.

Proposition 7 will remove 50,000 tons per year of pollution and soot from the air.

"Proposition 7 will reduce air pollution, and protect the health of children, the elderly, and people with asthma and lung disease, without creating any new bureaucracy."
Mary Nichols, Former EPA Air Quality Chief, Clinton Administration
Bill Rosenberg, Former EPA Air Quality Chief, Bush Administration

Prop. 7 uses private sector incentives to achieve urgent public health goals.

Prop. 7, the AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT Act, uses tax credits as an incentive to reduce noxious emissions from two very serious sources of pollution:

Proposition 7 is fiscally responsible. Proposition 7 will

"In the Central Valley, diesel exhaust and agricultural burning pollute the air, and damage our health and our crops. Proposition 7 gives us the tools to clean up the problem in a voluntary way, without new regulation. Prop. 7 is good for agriculture and good for the Central Valley."
Jim Crettol, President, Kern County Farm Bureau

"Riverside and San Bernardino Counties urgently need cleaner air. Proposition 7 will go a long way in cleaning our air."
Dr. James Lents, College of Engineering, University of California at Riverside

"Southern California has the worst air pollution in the United States. Cleaning up old trucks and buses will be good for our health, and improve visibility throughout the region."
Dr. William Burke, Chair, South Coast Air Quality Management District

"Improve Bay Area air quality. Proposition 7 provides a variety of clean air incentives that give businesses of all sizes greater flexibility in voluntarily reducing emissions."
Sunne McPeak, President and CEO, Bay Area Council

"Rural areas of California are unfairly impacted by bad air from cities and agricultural burning. With Proposition 7 our air will improve, and no new taxes will be imposed."
Peter Van Zant, Nevada County Supervisor

"Proposition 7 is vital to California's Clean Air Plan. Clean air ensures the quality of life for everyone."
Janet Cobb, President, Planning and Conservation League

"As an air quality scientist, I am convinced that Proposition 7 is well designed, and includes the elements needed to clean our air."
Dr. Donald Aitken, Union of Concerned Scientists

"Poor air quality caused by polluting trucks and school buses threatens children's health. Healthy children learn better."
Charlotte Brandt, R.N., California School Nurses Organization

Protect our health. YES on Proposition 7!

Co-Chair, Clean Air Advisory Group American Lung Association of California

President, California Air Pollution Control Officers Association

President, California Nurses Association

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