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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 7
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Read carefully: the statement above says almost nothing about the actual provisions of Proposition 7.

What they don't tell you is:

The tax breaks will be given away FOR POLLUTION WHICH WILL BE REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE CLEANED UP. (section 44475.9(b))

That's why many air pollution control experts believe that Proposition 7 is a giveaway to polluting corporations for what they should have to do anyway.

The proponents tell us that there is no regulation in this measure. They're right. Proposition 7 gives taxpayers' money away, for years on end, without requiring anything at all from the polluters!

"We're abandoning regulation of dangerous air pollution sources, in exchange for a program with no assurances that it will work."
--Dr. Jane Hall, EPA Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee and Professor, Cal State Fullerton.

There are far better ways to clean up diesel pollution. Responsible environmentalists have a bi-partisan proposal which costs far, far less and will accomplish more.

Why should we commit billions of dollars, which will come from other critical programs, including higher education and law enforcement, to a vast boondoggle that will not work?

If you're still not convinced, then follow the money.

The sad fact is, the special interests who paid to put this on the ballot are the ones who get the tax breaks. Proposition 7 is the type of measure which unfortunately gives the people's initiative process a bad name.

Reject the Corporate Welfare Act of 1998.

Vote NO on 7.

President, California Professional Firefighters


Chairman, United Californians for Tax Reform

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