California Secretary of State
1998 General Election    Late Contributions and Independent Expenditures


Committees Formed Primarily
to Support or Oppose
Proposition 5


Committees on record with the Secretary of State as formed primarily to support or oppose this measure are shown below. Only those committees whose names are underlined have filed reports. Selecting an underlined name will take you to the filings by the candidate or ballot measure committee.


 Committee Name  Position
Yes on 5: Californians for Indian Self-Reliance, Sponsored by California Indian TribesSupport
Californians for Native American Rights and for Proposition 5Support
Coalition Against Unregulated Gambling, No on Proposition 5, Supported by California Indian Tribes, Law Enforcement, Labor, Entertainment Companies, Gaming Companies, Religious Organizations, Hotels and Business LeadersOppose
Stand Up For CaliforniaOppose
No on 5/Yes on 7, A Project of the Planning and Conservation LeagueOppose


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